I Must be Crazy

There are 78 days 8 hours and 1 minute until my wedding. Not that I'm counting, my wedding app does that for me. There are 78 days to go until I slip into the gorgeous white dress I've picked out, walk down aisle, and say "I do" to the best man in the world. There is no doubt that this will be the most heavily photographed day of my life, and what have I just done...I have just decided to ax all diets. See ya, no thanks, buh-bye.

There are looming wedding dress fittings and the eyes of everyone we care about that will be looking at me, and I have just deleted my Weight Watchers app, and swore off IIFYM, calorie counting, and paleo for that matter. I am starting a Diet Rebellion. Rebelling against all points, mathematical caloric equations, restrictions on any and all food groups, like dairy (hello, CHEESE!), cleanses, eating certain numbers of meals a day to keep my metabolism firing, low carb, and any other diet buzz word you can think of. 

My fiance deserves an award. Actually I'll probably take him out for a beer and a burger tonight as a way to say I'm sorry and thank you all rolled into one. For the past few months since we've been engaged, my diet obsession (which has existed but never to this extent while we were dating) has been taken to a whole new level. Last night like the good Weight Watcher I was, I weighed out my ounces of grilled chicken breast and measured my cup of broccoli and calculated the points. Dieting had taken over my life and turned me into the very image of a fun, joyful wife-to-be. MY fiance has asked me to go out to eat several times, and most times I said no, because there was no way I could know how many teaspoons of oil they were going to cook my grilled chicken in. I know. I cringed just writing that sentence. Not only did he put up with my fun-sucking eating habits, but he also put up with my crankiness from being hungry and calorie deprived, my mood swings, and quite frankly my over all jerkiness. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but when you add on diet fixation, it's a nightmare.

I'm done. I'm done obsessing over it all. Food is food. It's just food. It's a delicious, wonderful part of life, but it's not meant to be the central focus. I want to spend the next 78 days reveling in this moment of our lives, savoring every second, and not worrying about if my arms are going to looked toned enough. Who cares? My fiance has loved me at heavier weights, at lower weights, and I know he'll think I look beautiful on that day, no matter what. I truly believe that. I can't wait to walk down that aisle, full of love and joy, and not giving one care about what the number on the scale was that day. This is my journey of Diet Rebellion, stay tuned.

Stay rebellious,